Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool [31-000750]

Feature:· Ten components· Compact and lightweight, fits on keychain or in pocket· External components and nail nicks for easy access· Priori...Read more
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  • Feature:

    · Ten components

    · Compact and lightweight, fits on keychain or in pocket

    · External components and nail nicks for easy access

    · Priorities of survival, pocket guide contains Bear's survival essentials

    · Open length 4.3 inches, closed length 2.5 inches





    Product Description:

    Compact multi-tool: Two full size blades. Components include needle nose pliers, wire cutters, fine and serrated knives, Phillips driver, small and medium flat drivers, lanyard ring, bottle opener, tweezers. Open length: 4.3. Closed length: 2.5. Capacity: 3.0 oz. Includes priorities of survival pocket guide.




    From the Manufacturer:

    The product of collaboration between Gerber and survival expert Bear Grylls, the Compact Multi-Tool provides 10 stainless steel, weather-resistant components. This tool has two full-size blades on it, yet is small enough to fit on a key chain or in a pocket. Its rugged construction and external components make the multi-tool a reliable multi-tasker no outdoor enthusiast should be without.

  • Customer Reviews

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    All Ok

    If you like tools, and like swiss army knife you must have one of this series. Obviusly is not for a work shop but it is an excelent help in the field. And it came with a belt bag.

    Beautiful Tool

    I use this day in, day out for work, home, and play use. Well worth the money, and very well made. It is the worlds best nail file, and much much more.

    A work of art

    Top quality tool with all the little details you can not imagine in any other brand. Steel is stainless and perfectly assembled. Perfect and solid.

    Better than Leatherman

    BEST TOOL OUT THERE, I own 3 and have given dozens as gifts!

    Great multi tool

    I bought it and I end up using it a lot more that I would think. Very good quality tool, solid and reliable. I gave one to my father and another one to my father in law, they love it as well.

    Supra Tool

    this thing is incredible, it does everything! What a wonderful idea for the man that has everything!

    Great looking and functioning tool

    Is a very handy tool. Any kind of job is made easy. This tool is for all life...


    The receiver was very pleased with the gift. It came in time and in very good condition. she will make very good use of the Victorinox Swiss tool

    Five Stars

    ITS good Im to lazy to write a long review but this is definetley better than the leatherman. And a better price the wave is like 90 dollars and this is 70 you wont be dissapointed with this product!

    Excellent Tool!

    Love this Swisstool! I have had all the other brand multitools. This is the end all multitool. Well built, sturdy, other blades stay put when you select just one. This is one great multitool.