Gerber Curve Multi-Tool

Feature:· Keychain compatible tool that is perfectly sized to be ready when you need it· Fully locking outboard components· Tools: fine edge blad...Read more
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  • Feature:

    · Keychain compatible tool that is perfectly sized to be ready when you need it

    · Fully locking outboard components

    · Tools: fine edge blade, medium flat head driver, small flat head driver, phillips head driver, file, bottle opener, carabiner

    · Weight: 0.8 oz

    · Material: stainless steel




    Product Description:

    The Gerber Curve Multi-Tool is a stylish multi-tool that you can take with you wherever you go. The Curve has many useful tools that you will find helpful for everyday tasks. The 1.25" drop point blade, medium and small flat head screwdrivers, philips screwdriver, fingernail file, and bottle opener all lock into place when needed. The Curve also includes a convenient carabineer clip, allowing you to easily attach it to a key chain or belt loop.

  • Customer Reviews

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    Very useful. VERY sharp blade

    Very useful. VERY sharp blade. Very light weight (0.9 oz). I weighed it myself. And very small. Sits on my finger.Has all the tools I need for thruhiking.

    It locks! That alone gives it 5 stars.

    Extremely light weight and compact. It is very easy to one-handedly pull back the blade lock when closing the blade. Others found that movement awkward. I am not chancing it falling apart, so I have put my keyring through the pin instead of using the spring-loaded clip. Could only be better if it had tiny scissors.


    This has exceeded my expectations, especially considering the price. The blade is very sharp and all tools lock tight when opened. The bottle opener is easy to use and not in the way. The clip is the only drawback, mine has come out a couple times. Overall, a great keychain addition and worth it.

    My Favorite Multi-Tool/Pocket Knife In My Collection!!!

    I bought one of these to keep on my key chain. Because its actually smaller than a car key fob you can carry it all the time without it getting in the way. Lots of convenient tools but the bottle opener and knife seem to be the most useful. My wife liked it so much she made me buy her one too!

    Good small multitool

    Shipped fast. No issues. This is my second one. One stays in my nightstand and one in the end table in the family room. Handy to have it as an easy/fast tool to open the kids toys for batteries and open packages/letters also to open the occasional beer. As well as many other uses. Very happy with it

    I like it more than I thought I would.

    So I bought this to make a key holder, as I have seen quite a few others on diy websites. I was shocked at how small it was when it arrived and honestly quite worried that my keys would not fit in it. Luckily they fit perfectly, after cutting off the heads and drilling a hole. Since I took this completely apart as part of my project, I was able to assess the quality of the product down to the smallest screw, which is very small. It is very well built, nothing feels cheap and I will be buying more to make key holders for friends.

    This slips easily into my 5th pocket on my jeans where I ...

    This thing is tiny! I have a classic leatherman and this is just as wide, but I can fit four of these in the same space as my leatherman. This slips easily into my 5th pocket on my jeans where I also keep my keys.

    Buy it. Small, fits key ring.

    Fits on key ring, not obvious due to curves and small size. I always find it a little hard to open, but no big deal with that issue. Wouldntkeep me from buying it again. Great for in the car when you are trying to open something small. Nice little gadget.

    Great keychain multi tool at a great price!

    I was looking for a keychain multi tool to replace a cheap knife/scissor/file combo that finally fell apart. This one from Gerber has fit the bill nicely (and at a nice price, too). The knife is sharp, the tools function fine, and it is small enough and light enough not to add any unnecessary bulk to the key chain. It looks cool, too! Ive not had any trouble with the locking mechanism, which is a great feature. I do not use the carabiner clip to attach it to my key ring, but rather I ran the ring on to the end bar (just like you would do with a key) and that is perfect. I am happy with it.

    starsNot bad for the money

    Great little EDC tool. I work in a lab and was more interested in the little screwdrivers in this tool than the knife (I recommend carrying an actual pocket knife if you need one). I found that the clip to attach it to keys, etc, is essentially useless (it falls off), but this thing takes up as much space as a chapstick in my pocket, so I just toss it in there and forget about it until its needed. The knife isnt incredibly sharp, but useful enough for opening plastic wrapping, etc. Really, I see this as a useful little screwdriver set (like, for putting batteries in things.) Its so inexpensive that its certainly worth the purchase. Its usually in my pocket, and I forget that its there until needed.