Gerber MP600 Sight Tool Multi-Plier, Black [30-000588]

Feature: · 12 curated tools work specifically to maintain the front sight tool.· One-hand opening design is accessible + simple to use.· Sol...Read more
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  • Feature:


    · 12 curated tools work specifically to maintain the front sight tool.

    · One-hand opening design is accessible + simple to use.

    · Solid stainless steel construction w/ black oxide finish is stealth.

    · Includes replaceable tungsten carbide wire cutters + black nylon sheath.

    · Time proven + versatile, it's a classic for a reason.

    · Stainless steel construction with black oxide finish

    · Needlenose pliers with crimper jaws




    Product Description:

    It's extremely difficult to improve on a Gerber Military classic, but we've done it with the MP600 Sight Tool. Built with the same one-handed opening technology as our MP600, our updated version has a longer Phillips driver, a combined serrated and fine edge blade, a carbon scraper for weapons maintenance and a newly designed, super-durable front sight adjustment tool.

  • Customer Reviews

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    Good work tool

    This is the best and most versatile tool I have ever owned, and I am not just talking multi-tools. I work in maintenance in a factory, and I use this tool more than all of my other tools.

    Very nice tool.

    I have owed and used this tool for almost 20 years and still in perfect shape


    I have carried one of these for about seven years and it has proven it is worth. Recently I lost it and am replacing it with the Spirit version. I want the scissors instead of a serrated knife blade.

    Awesome tool.

    This is a great product and all tools are finished greatly. Even rough use wont leave a scratch mark on the tools. Nice built and worth for the money paid... I would recommend this product!

    All Ok

    If you like tools, and like swiss army knife you must have one of this series. Obviusly is not for a work shop but it is an excelent help in the field. And it came with a belt bag.

    Beautiful Tool

    I use this day in, day out for work, home, and play use. Well worth the money, and very well made. It is the worlds best nail file, and much much more.

    A work of art

    Top quality tool with all the little details you can not imagine in any other brand. Steel is stainless and perfectly assembled. Perfect and solid.

    Better than Leatherman

    Better than Leatherman

    Great multi tool

    I bought it and I end up using it a lot more that I would think. Very good quality tool, solid and reliable. I gave one to my father and another one to my father in law, they love it as well.

    Supra Tool

    this thing is incredible, it does everything! What a wonderful idea for the man that has everything!