Victorinox Swiss Army Knives-Barbecue Fork

Lightweight and Extendable Barbecue ForkHow better to celebrate summer than through a barbecue with family and friends? A savory smell in the air, great surroun...Read more
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  • Lightweight and Extendable Barbecue Fork

    How better to celebrate summer than through a barbecue with family and friends? A savory smell in the air, great surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere. With this in mind, we designed our Barbecue Fork. Lightweight and easily extendable, it's the perfect tool to let nothing come between you and your food.



    Net weight 2.7 oz



    scale material stainless steel

    Blade lockable No

    One hand blade No


    Key features

    Your go-to campfire tool

    Swiss made barbeque fork

    Lightweight and extendable up to 65.4 cm


    Item number 4.2460

    Height 1.3 in

    Length 8.9 in

    Weight 2.7 oz

  • Customer Reviews

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    victorinox Butterfly Knife

    My Husband really liked this knife. He used to have a different victorinox and wore it out. He likes this one better!

    Very good...

    BEST TOOL OUT THERE, I own 3 and have given dozens as gifts!

    Awesome tool.

    I received mine as a gift, and I love it! I have had zero problems with it, even with heavy use.

    Five Stars

    ITS good Im to lazy to write a long review but this is definetley better than gerber.

    Excellent Tool!

    Love this tool! I have had all the other brand multitools. This is the end all multitool. Well built, sturdy, other blades stay put when you select just one. This is one great multitool.


    I have had mine since I received it as a christmas present probably 20 years ago. Very high quality and it is far superior to the other multi-tool brands that I have used.

    best pocket tool ever

    In my opinion, this is unequivocally the top of the line multi-tool.

    A work of art

    Top quality tool with all the little details you can not imagine in any other brand. Steel is stainless and perfectly assembled. Perfect and solid.

    Very good...

    I have had mine Approximately 14 years best muti tool I have ever had solid well built, and still looks great. You will not be disappointed!

    It is a victorinox Product!

    It is victorinox. It is good. Need a Multi? This is the one to buy.