Victorinox Swiss Army Knives-BikeTool

Sport Tool with 12 Functions for BikersA bicycle doesn't just get you from place to place – it's a happiness generation machine. So keep your machine in tip-top...Read more
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  • Sport Tool with 12 Functions for Bikers

    A bicycle doesn't just get you from place to place – it's a happiness generation machine. So keep your machine in tip-top condition by keeping the BikeTool with you wherever you go. At just 98 grams, you won't notice it until you need it. And when the time comes, you'll find every tool you need tucked away inside, so you'll always be ready to ride and ready to smile.






    Net weight 3.2 oz



    scale material other

    Size 4 in

    Blade lockable No

    One hand blade No


    Key features

    A lightweight tool for all keen bike owners

    Swiss made sports tool with 13 functions

    Includes a tire lifter and 8 integrated bits


    Item number 4.1329

    Height 1.4 in

    Length 3.9 in

    Weight 3.2 oz

  • Customer Reviews

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    Beautiful Tool

    I use this day in, day out for work, home, and play use. Well worth the money, and very well made. It is the worlds best tools, and much much more.


    I have carried one of these for about seven years and it has proven it is worth. Recently I lost it and am replacing it with the Spirit version. I want the scissors instead of a serrated knife blade.

    Very nice tool.

    I have owed and used this tool for almost 20 years and still in perfect shape

    what a great product!

    I give these as gifts. People love them. Great locking mechanism.

    Great looking and functioning tool

    Is a very handy tool. Any kind of job is made easy. This tool is for all life...

    Great Tool

    Awesome piece of tool to have around, and comes in handy alot. would highly recommended it

    All Ok

    If you like tools, and like army knife you must have one of this series. Obviusly is not for a work shop but it is an excelent help in the field. And it came with a belt bag.

    best I have used

    These tools destroy all other multi-tools on the market.

    Great multi tool

    I bought it and I end up using it a lot more that I would think. Very good quality tool, solid and reliable. I gave one to my father and another one to my father in law, they love it as well.


    The receiver was very pleased with the gift. It came in time and in very good condition. she will make very good use of the Victorinox tool