Victorinox Swiss Army Knives-SwissTool Spirit XC

With 26 Functions and a Nylon Belt PouchIn our modern world, multitasking is not an option—it's a way of life. Just like you, the SwissTool Spirit XC is ready t...Read more
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  • With 26 Functions and a Nylon Belt Pouch

    In our modern world, multitasking is not an option—it's a way of life. Just like you, the SwissTool Spirit XC is ready to take on any challenge, at any time. Extremely handy, extremely functional and extremely compact, multi-tools are the epitome of multitasking. As light as it's ergonomic, the SwissTool Spirit XC is a real pleasure to use, even in the most extreme situations.



    1. needle-nosed pliers

    2. wire cutter for thin and soft wire up to 40 HRC

    3. hard wire cutter

    4. large blade with wavy edge

    5. Phillips screwdriver 1/2

    6. reamer, punch

    7. multipurpose hook

    8. can opener

    9. screwdriver 4 mm

    10. bottle opener

    11. crate opener

    12. wire bender

    13. screwdriver 6 mm

    14. scissors

    15. wood saw

    16. metal saw

    17. metal file

    18. screwdriver 2.5 mm

    19. chisel 7 mm

    20. wire stripper

    21. wire scraper

    22. cable cover longitudinal cutter

    23. cable cover crossways cutter

    24. scraper




    Net weight 7.4 oz



    scale material stainless steel

    Size 4 in

    Blade lockable Yes

    One hand blade No


    Key features

    The ultimate fusion of functionality, quality and elegance

    Swiss made multi-tool with 24 functions

    Includes nylon pouch


    Item number 3.0227.N

    Height 0.7 in

    Length 4.1 in

    Weight 7.4 oz

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    everyone needs one.

    Very well built. Very good price. Excellent choice for a inexpensive yet quality multi-tool.

    Awesome tool.

    This is a great product and all tools are finished greatly. Even rough use wont leave a scratch mark on the tools. Nice built and worth for the money paid... I would recommend this product!

    Great product

    I have had many victorinox products and this is is as good as all the rest at a very reasonalble price

    Well made tool

    Such a cool tool. There is not anything I have come across yet that it cannot do! Love it.

    Can not go wrong

    Bought this as a gift. Construction seems sturdy and put together well. victorinox is a name you can trust for certain.

    Good work tool

    This is the best and most versatile tool I have ever owned, and I am not just talking multi-tools. I work in maintenance in a factory, and I use this tool more than all of my other tools.


    the Best multi tool i had ever buy , strong, practical and has a lot of useful tools

    Great multitool

    My wife used mine all the time and said she would love one for herself, the more you where it the more you need it.

    Good quality instrument

    So useful for tones of little fixit and solidly built. This is a lifetime investment, unless you lose it...

    Supra Tool

    this thing is incredible, it does everything! What a wonderful idea for the man that has everything!